Providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages since 1989 in a friendly environment. We are big enough to serve your family's needs, and we are small enough to care.

We are located at 4460 South Highland Drive, Suite 400 in the Holladay, Utah area.

Our providers: Brian Drage MD, Derek Muse MD, Amanda Wirth MD, Deb Keye PA-C, Megan Sandy PA-C, and Chris Kimler PA-C. 


On 03/15/2023, our medical records system experienced a massive crash due to an IT system failure, resulting in the permanent loss of all visit notes, messages and vital signs from 01/24/2023 to 03/15/2023. Multiple attempts were made to retrieve the data, but they were unsuccessful. This is not due to or related to a data breach. 

If you were seen by a provider in the the office during that time or are waiting to hear back regarding your medical care, please contact our office. Thank you!


1. In-Office Policies: For your safety and for the safety of our staff, any visitors to our office with current upper respiratory symptoms or recent exposure to COVID-19 are required to wear a well-fitting face mask for the duration of their visit. If you do not have a surgical mask and need or would like to wear one, please request one from our reception desk. We are disinfecting waiting room chairs and doors frequently and are disinfecting care areas in between each patient. Evaluation of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection is restricted to telemedicine visits. 

2. Telemedicine: All of our providers are seeing patients online for evaluation of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection only. Please check with your insurance to make sure telemedicine visits are a covered benefit before scheduling. Except on a case-by-case basis, all other appointments are conducted in-person. 

3. Appointments: Call 801-272-4111 to make an appointment with one of our providers for either an online appointment or an appointment in the office.

4. If you already have an online appointment, the link to start your online appointment is